After uploading and validating your roster, you will see one of two things:

1. A green check mark means everything is okay, and you can add this file to the upload queue. 

2. "Validation Result" means there may be problems with your file. Click on "Validation Result" to open a text file that lists potential problems with your file. Three types of issues are listed: errors, changes and transfers.

Errors vs. Changes

Errors are listed first. Any row with an error will be omitted from the upload. If you are missing students from your roster, it is very likely that there was an error in the row that prevented it from being uploaded. 

Changes are listed next. Changes alert you to the fact that the upload will change something in the existing student record. Make sure that this is a change you want to occur. Changes generally consist of spelling corrections or demographic changes to the existing student record, but would also include a change to the student's name (if a new student has been given a Student ID number that was previously used by another student). If you see an unintended change to the student's name, please notify FastBridge School Support.

Transfers are listed last. If the roster entry places an existing student at a new school, the student and their scores will be transferred to the new school. Note: You must let FastBridge transfer a student, either through a roster upload or by manually editing the student's roster entry. If you delete the student from one school, and then add the student to the new school, FastBridge perceives the add as a new enrollment and will not transfer the student's data.

Important note: If you see unintended name changes or transfers here, correct the file and re-upload it. 

If you need to (or want to) make changes to your file, you will have to re-upload and re-validate it. Possible issues are described below.

Row Numbers

Changes and errors are indicated by row number. Add 2 to the row number in the validation report to find the corresponding row in your excel file. For example: Row 53 in the validation result will be Row 55 on your spreadsheet. You can make the validation result easier to read by copying and pasting the text into a new Excel worksheet.

Common Errors (These errors will cause lines to be omitted from the upload):

School does not exist in the district

– Either the district name or the school name does not match how it is listed in FastBridge. These names must match exactly.

District does not exist in the state

– The district name does not match how it is listed in FastBridge. The district name must match exactly.

Invalid input for teacher email

–  The Teacher ID does not match how it is listed in FastBridge for an existing teacher. Look up the classroom user account for this teacher and change either the existing ID, or the one in your upload, so they match.

– You are adding a new teacher with an email address that matches the existing email address of a user already in FAST. Most likely this is an existing account for the same person. Change the email address in your upload, or change the user ID with the corresponding email address.

- The field is blank.

Invalid input for TeacherID, TeacherFirstName or TeacherLastName

–  The field is blank. All four fields related to teacher are required. You can not list a student in your roster without a corresponding teacher.

Student Birth Date is not valid – This error is caused by incorrect formatting of the student’s birth date. Birth dates must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.