CBMmath Process

CBMmath Process is one of three types of FAST curriculum-based measurement (CBM) for math. The others are CBMmath Automaticity and CBMmath CAP.

CBMmath Process gives teachers the opportunity to track the types of errors students are making when solving single and multi-step math problems. It consists of a General Outcome Measure (GOM), and single- and multi-skill sub-tests for each level. The assessment can be used for screening, progress monitoring, or further diagnostic purposes. For screening, Process uses a Rapid Scoring Method, so teachers can quickly enter assessments and get a general idea of error types. For Progress Monitoring, teachers use the Error Analysis Method, attaching specific error types to specific problems. The test is timed for 10 or 15 minutes, depending on grade.


Grades 2-3: 10 minutes

Grades 4-6: 15 minutes


Students take the Process assessment on paper. It is then scored online by the teacher. 



Student forms and teacher scoring keys are available at in the Training and Resources section of the FastBridge website. Select the tile for “downloads.”


CBMmath Process can be administered to individuals or groups of students The teacher reads scripted directions out loud to the students and then starts a timer for the required amount of time.  At the end of the time interval, the teacher tells the students to stop and collects their papers.