CBMmath Concepts and Applications (CAP)

CBMmath Concepts and Applications (CAP) is one of three types of FAST curriculum-based measurement (CBM) for math. The others are CBMmath Automaticity and CBMmath Process.

CBMmath CAP (K-8) Evaluates the student's skills for solving complex and multi-step math problems. This assessment is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten through grade 8.  It measures math concepts and applications, includes items that cover skills from computation fact fluency to multi-step algebra problems. CBMmath CAP is an entirely online assessment and students log in to the FastBridge website to complete it. The time required for this assessment varies by grade as well as whether it is used for screening or progress monitoring, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. 


Screening times by level:

K-3: 15 minutes

4-5: 20 minutes

6-8: 30 minutes


Progress Monitoring times by level:

K-5: 15 minutes

6-8: 20 minutes


Students complete up to 20 math problems by selecting one of four answer choices. Students can also have the question re-read by clicking on a headphone picture at the top of the page.



CBMmath CAP reports the number of problems that student got correct in 10 minutes. If a student takes shorter or longer than 10 minutes to complete a CAP session the score will be calculated to match a 10-minute interval.


  • Items include both number and word-based problems that require the student to apply math facts and procedures.  Student answers are scored automatically and available for immediate teacher review.

Note: This assessment requires the sound to be on.