The Individual Benchmark Report is a historical report that displays a graph with screening scores across screening periods and school years. This is a great report to view a students growth over extended periods of time and compare them to the benchmark.

How to access the Individual Benchmark Report:

Option 1- entire class/grade:

Go to Reporting Tab


 Select Individual Benchmark Report


Option 2- all or select students:

Go to screening page for the measures (page with the clocks)

1. Click the Individual Benchmark Report button to view report for all students.

2. Click the box next to student name(s) then click the Individual Benchmark Report button. This will display the report for only the students with the check mark

How to interpret the Individual Benchmark Report:

1. Student Information

a. Name

b. Year

c. School

d. Grade

e. Teacher

2. Graph Options

a. Interval Type- Choose monthly or weekly- Default is mentioned below

  i.  aReading and aMath we suggest monthly

  ii.  All other assessments we suggest weekly

b. National Percentile Line- Select a growth percentile line to see the scores on the graph for that percentile throughout the year

** The above information will remain at the top of the screen as your scroll through the list of students.

3. Student name and graph

4. Risk level legend- each range of risk level is displayed on the graph

5. Student scores for each screening period, they are colored based on their risk level

6. Amount of growth, Fall-Winter and Winter-Spring

a. This number is an amount per month or week based on the scoring system used for the assessment. The default is underlined below, this is based on sensitivity and best use of growth data. Remember, the interval type can be changed with the drop down on the top of the page (2).

  i.  CBM Reading- words correct per minute per month or week

  ii.  aReading and aMath- points per month or week

  iii.  earlyReading and earlyMath- Composite points per month or week

7. Benchmark cut offs for reference

8. Local and National Percentiles for the respective screening periods

9. Local and National Growth Percentiles for the respective screening periods

a. National- compared to all students

b. National by start score- growth compared to other students national that had the same fall percentile

10. Percentiles Legend- this will remain at the bottom of the screen as you scroll through the list of students